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Sportmask Razor VX

Sportmask Razor VX,Sportmask
Sportmask Razor VX,Sportmask
Razor CSA
Sportmask Razor VX,Sportmask
Razor with Optional Pro Cage

The Razor VX is made using both Carbon Fibre and Sportmask's own ProGlass™ material. The combination of these 2 materials offers the best of both worlds. The added Carbon Fibre material adds superior strength and incredible stiffness to the shell, while the ProGlass™ adds durability. Every attention to detail is given to this model, vent holes are cut perfectly and hand sanded smooth, each cage is mounted individually to ensure it does not sit crooked and the mask is checked from top to bottom for imperfections before shipping. The interior of the shell is also finished smooth displaying the beautiful carbon weave and the exterior shell is hand polished and buffed to a high gloss.

Available in other colours (Special Order Only - Upcharge Applies). All mask are shipped with approved chrome cages.

Reg: $449.99    Sale: $374.99  (USD)

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